Make it yourself!

AIF Ingredients support you in the manufacturing of your own analogue cheese by providing you one unique ingredient and an easy procedure to follow, for an excellent quality result !

Our technical experts of cheese alternatives production assist you in your company to implement this exclusive process.

make yourself quality analogue cheese

Advantages of using A.I.F. ingredients

Low cost solutions

Our products reduce your raw material cost

Consistent Quality

Stable quality
all the year long

to use

All ingredients are mixed
and packed in one bag

Assistance from our experts

Our experts come to your plant to assist you
in the process

Permanent Innovations

Our R&D team create new recipes and products throughout the year

25 years of experience

in Cheese analogue industry


1AIF ingredients

Choose your recipe :
1T or 25 kg

process bag AIF ingredients

2AIF ingredients

Deliver to your company

process transport AIF ingredients

3AIF ingredients

Add the mix, the fat and water
into your cooking machine

process mix AIF ingredients

4AIF ingredients

Mix and heat until 75°C
at 100 rounds per minute

process warm AIF ingredients

5AIF ingredients

Pack your solution

bloc cheese AIF ingredients

6AIF ingredients

Cool it down between 1 to 3 days

process fridge AIF ingredient

7AIF ingredients

Supply your customers

process clients AIF ingredients